Banten Kingdom

Community in Banten province has a very strong cultural roots, as its place emerged the various civilizations. ranging from the prehistoric era, the era klasiik (Hindu-Buddhist), and Islamic culture in the century -16. This region has many historical attractions and jiarah. besides Banten also has white sandy beaches stretching from peacock to the west end. 1883 eruption of Mount Krakatau in the Sunda strait Banten made ​​a name worldwide.

During the reign of Sultan Agung (1651-1683), Banten experienced its golden era. Unfortunately when Sultan Agung of Banten fell, the Dutch began to take over.

 Banten Kingdom was an Islamic one and remnants of this mighty kingdom can still be found in this area. Most notably Mesjid Agung, this mosque dated from the 16th century still stands today. It shows the beginning of Islamic architecture.
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