Historically Banten city used to be a strong maritime rival kingdom of Mataram and now this area is a fishing village where you will still get a reflection of his past. The capital of Banten Province is Serang. Banten is one of the first famous historic places, is only 10 km from the city of Serang. In this place, you will see a lot of the legacy of the empire that was founded 16 centuries and 18.

In Banten You'll find the rest of the traces of the Islamic empire. The most famous is the Great Mosque, and the ruins keratonnya. Banten Great Mosque built 16th century and still exists to this day that characterizes the early Islamic architecture.

Ujung Kulon National Park is one of the national parks and nature conservation site in Indonesia yan gdapat you kunjingi in Banten. At this location, you can see the beauty of the tropical forests and one-horned rhinoceros (Rhino sondaicus) which is an excellent tourist attraction.There is also Umang Island is located in the coastal attractions Pandeglang, adjacent to the tourist area of ​​Tanjung Dimples. 

 The tourist area is managed by a private company that provides a variety of recreational and entertainment facilities are attractive. On this island, there is a resort is styled with a natural artistic touch, equipped with meeting rooms, cafe, spa, business center, sunset lounge, beach club, swimming pool and so on. In addition, available facilities and recreational water sports, jogging track, cross country, tennis court, karaoke, and others. You can go to this island with relative ease. Because the district management company providing car rental from Jakarta to the island or can also be reached from Ujung Kulon area.There are also nature reserve Swamp Lake (Rawadano) located in Serang district is 101 km from Jakarta. This area is a swamp area in addition there is also a lake.  

The total area of ​​approximately 2,500 ha are covered by various types of trees. The island is a nesting place for various types of animals such as reptiles, such as snakes, and crocodiles.Do not forget also in Banten You can visit Mount Krakatau located in Sunda Strait waters. Beautiful natural tourism area which is easy you kujungi from Anyer-Carita beach about an hour by boat motors. At this location you can camp, hike, fishing, and of course enjoying the beautiful ocean scenery and charming.Mount Krakatau is one of the most famous mountains in the world, because of the tremendous eruption in 1883. 

 Cracking noise was heard up to the area of ​​the Australian continent, even heat clouds blanketing several European region during the week. Krakatoa explosion later formed mountain boy who is now known as Anak Krakatau, surfaced in 1928 and has remained active.HistoryBanten famous in history as a port city very crowded with an open and prosperous society. 5th century Banten was part of the Kingdom of Tarumanagara.During the reign of Sultan Agung (1651-1683) Banten experienced its heyday. Unfortunately Banten declined thereafter and then the Dutch took over. 

The beginning of the 17th century AD, Banten is one important commercial center in the path of international commerce in Asia. Territory includes the area is now the province of Lampung. When the Dutch arrived in Punjab for the first time, the Portuguese have long entered into Banten. Then the British set up lodges in Banten, and then followed by the Dutch.Moreover, the people of France and Denmark has ever come in Banten. In the competition between the European traders, the Dutch emerged as the winner. Portuguese man fled from Banten (1601) after their fleet was destroyed by the Dutch fleet in the waters of Banten. British people were excluded from the Batavia (1619) and Bantam (1684).After independence Banten originally part of West Java province, but separated since 2000 with the decision of the Law No. 23 of 2000. Central administration located in Serang city.

 Banten region has many industry also developed several sea ports in anticipation of excess capacity to accommodate sea ports in Jakarta and is intended also to be the alternative port of Singapore.Sunda Strait makes Banten is one lane of traffic because of the strategic sea large ships can pass linking Australia and New Zealand with the Southeast Asian region. In addition Banten is the link between Java and Sumatra.TransportationSoekarno Hatta International Airport is the main access to Banten. You also reach Banten by car or motorcycle through the Jakarta-Serang.

 There are also bus terminals, Terminal 4 Pakupatan, Porisplawad Terminal, Labuan Terminal and Terminal Merak.Society and CultureSundanese Banten society is religious though sometimes still believe in old traditions and customs.Of which still adhere to tradition is the Baduy Baduy or (Urang Cibeo) that inhabit the foothills in the village Kendeng Kanekes, Leuwidamar District, Lebak-Rangkasbitung, is about 40 km from the city Rangkasbitung. Baduy people 'in the' do not know the culture of writing, so the customs, beliefs, and ancestor stories stored only in oral speech only.Baduy community trust called Sunda Wiwitanyang rooted in the worship of ancestral spirits (animism) which in turn further influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. The core belief is absolute customary provisions adopted in daily life.  

The most important contents of 'pikukuh' (compliance) Kanekes is the concept of "without any changes", or change as little as possible. For some people, indigenous beliefs held Kanekes reflects the religious beliefs of Sundanese people in general prior to the advent of Islam.CulinaryTry the satay banding offerings, one of the specialties of Banten. This fish is boneless milkfish meat which is inserted into the skin of fish that have been blended spices and finally burned. Sate is resistant beberpa banding. It was sweet, savory and delicious. Therefore, you do not miss tasting it.Tourist agencyBanten Provincial Government Center neighborhood (KP3B)Shaykh Nawawi road, PALIMA - AttackTel. 0254.267060Fax. 0254.267070Email:
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