Jazz Gunung Bromo

Jazz Gunung initiated by a few people who care about the arts, namely Sigit Pramono, banker and photographer who loves Bromo and jazz music; Butet Kartaredjasa, versatile artist, and Djaduk Ferianto, music artists are often invited to perform in foreign countries with traits brings world music Indonesia is thick.

    Mountain Jazz is a musical composition featuring International level ethnic jazz, held every year in the mountains at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, on the outdoor stage, roofed sky beautiful natural background - a harmonious blend between music, nature, and human .

    "The economy will trickle down to the people in Bromo area," said Sigit Pramono as one of the initiators of Jazz Gunung than Butet Kartaredjasa versatile artist and music artists Djaduk Ferianto.  In terms of landscape, mountain Jazz offers its own advantages that mountain landscape, in this case the natural atmosphere or ambience of Mount Bromo area.

    Jazz Gunung organized as a gateway to the heart of freedom of the soul, in which the wisdom of nature has become a symbol of indigenous culture in the archipelago. So far all the bands to perform at Jazz Mountains have been Indonesian bands, but next year will almost certainly see the festival incorporate international bands and a second stage.
    "The first edition of The Mountain Jazz was successfully held in '09, with about five hundred people attending. "If the blues is a musical expression of the plight of the slaves, then jazz is blues dialetika: answers metaphor symbol of egalitarian freedom of mankind since humans are born equal and free.
    Furthermore Mountain Jazz will give economic value to the community around the area of ​​the National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru.  For comparison, two jazz festival in Indonesia such as Java Jazz JakJazz and held in the center of the city is Jakarta.

    A jazz celebration was held in the mountains at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Bromo thus became the supreme jazz players.  Hopefully, jazz can be present as a force that can encourage dialogue that enriches humanity Indonesian civilization so that peace may serve as a spirit of jazz itself.

Mountain Jazz not jazz that is enclosed in a physical partition or a magnificent building. "Jazz Mount is the most unique concepts in jazz event ever in Indonesia, and possibly the world.

Source: jazzgunung.com
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