Megafamtrip Wonderful Indonesia

 The Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, supported The Visit Indonesia Tourism Office (VITO) in the Netherlands, in collaboration with Singapore Airlines (SIA) has conducted a program: "Wonderful Indonesia Mega Familiarization Trip 2013 (Megafamtrip)" to Indonesia from 15 – 19 May 2013. The excursion program was attended by 80 participants mainly from the tourism industry such as tour operators, travel journalists, and event organizers.

The program is to introduce the potential tourist destinations in Indonesia. The participants, which were sub-divided into 4 groups, visited tourist spots in Yogyakarta and Bandung, Bali and Lombok, Medan, and Manado.

For 5 days, the participants have discovered beautiful tourist spots, enjoyed the unique local cultures and savored blissful Indonesian cuisines.

The excursion trip is part of the periodic program being prepared by the Indonesian government as an awareness campaign for the international travel agencies, including from the Netherlands, to explore and re-discover exclusive tourist spots in the Indonesian archipelago.
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