Wonderful Derawan Islands East Kalimantan Indonesia

Festival Derawan 2013 is an international tourism promotion program. With the theme "Derawan for Future", Derawan Festival aims to popularize the natural beauty Derawan Islands as one of the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Derawan Islands  East Kalimantan Indonesia

Festival Derawan 2013 is expected to increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists to the islands Derawan. This event is part of the spirit of Wonderful Indonesia, Visit East Kalimantan, and Recognize & love your country.

The Derawan Islands is an archipelago located in Berau, East Kalimantan, Northwestern part of Indonesia. Consisting of several islands, what makes Derawan a perfect tropical paradise is not just its fine white sandy beaches, palm trees and year-round warm atmosphere, but its glittering seas, changing colors from green, to aquamarine to dark blue. Underwater life here is nothing short of spectacular. One can find the world's biodiverity, such as giant turtles, dolphins, manta rays, dugongs, barracudas and stingless jellyfish. Not surprisingly, Derawan island is known as the best diving spot in the world.

Destination Derawan Island
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