Tour de Flores, Explore the Amazing Land

Wonderful Maumere Flores "The Heart of Flores"

Maumere is the perfect staging place to embark on an unforgettable adventure to unveil the beauty of Flores. The town itself is blessed with a beautiful landscape of hills and mountains complemented with clear green and blue ocean.

Maumere is the biggest city in Flores, larger than Labuan Bajo at the west end of the island. The town used to serve as an alternative for tourists to go to the Komodo National Park aside from Labuan Bajo. While, those wishing to attend Easter celebrations in Larantuka, also start off from Maumere, which is more easily connected by air to other parts of Indonesia.

Great Collaboration Video by Giri Prasetyo, Barry Kusuma, Michael Sjukrie and Budi Supriyant

Located at the narrowest part of the island, from Maumere due south to near the town Nita at Koting village, one can see as far as the Flores Sea to the north and the Savu Sea to the Indian Ocean to its southern horizon.

Today, Maumere is also the stepping off point to see the Three-Coloured Lakes on Mt. Kelimutu on the way to Ende. The village of Sikka, some 30 km from Maumere is the center of weaving in this area. Here visitors can watch, on request, the complete intricate process of ikat-weaving, including dying the threats with natural colors. Another village known for its weaving is Watublapi, which distinguishes itself through the use of symbolic motifs such as lizards, horses, birds and geometrical patterns.

Maumere used to be a favorite snorkeling and diving area, made famous by the Sao Wisata Resort built by Flores’ own hero, Frans Seda. Unfortunately, the 1992 tsunami davastated parts of the sea and the city. Before that, Maumere was considered by many as the true illustration of “Flores” or Flower of the East Nusatenggara Archipelago.

Tour de Flores, Explore the Amazing Land
TOUR DE FLORES (TDF) Akan menjadi event tahunan pariwisata di Flores yang menghadirkan kegiatan balap sepeda jalan raya bertaraf internasional (di bawah regulasi Union Cycliste Internationale) sebagai salah satu sarana untuk mengangkat pariwisata Flores ke pentas Dunia.

Penyelenggaraan Tour de Flores sebagai event pariwisata terinspirasi oleh event sejenis lainnya, seperti Tour de France (sejak 1903), Tour de Singkarak (sejak 2009) dan Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen (sejak 2012), yang sejatinya merupakan event olahraga namun memiliki dampak pariwisata yang luar biasa.

Tour de Flores 2016 (18 – 23 Mei 2016) akan menempuh jarak sepanjang 743 km, terbagi atas 5 etape, yang berawal dari Larantuka di Flores Timur, sampai dengan Labuan Bajo di Manggarai Barat.

Tour de Flores 2016 sebagai event pariwisata secara keseluruhan meliputi: Pre-event Activities (kunjungan destinasi wisata Kelimutu), Event (Tour de Flores sebagai main event,  dengan Touring/Fun Bike sebagai supporting event) dan Post-event Activities (kunjungan ke Komodo dan Pink Beach).

Our Vision  :  Mengangkat Pariwisata Flores ke Pentas Dunia

Our Objective

  •     Mempromosi dan mengangkat pariwisata Flores.
  •     Mewujudkan Labuan Bajo sebagai destinasi wisata prioritas.
  •     Mendukung Flores Tourism Authority (FTA).
  •     Mengajak masyarakat Indonesia dan dunia mengunjungi destinasi wisata Flores melalui balap sepeda berskala internasional.
  •     Mengajak masyarakat dunia menyaksikan aneka atraksi musik, tari dan budaya Flores.

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