Curug Leuwi Hejo Sentul Bogor

Curug Leuwi Hejo - Indonesia has an incredible wealth of nature. There may be many "hidden waterfall paradises" untouched by travelers. As well as waterfall  curug leuwi hejo who recently booming. The location is located in the Sentul area, so not so far from the capital city of Jakarta or from the city of Bogor. Naturally, if the waterfall in Bogor is immediately crowded visitors. In addition, the water is clear and bluish green into its own charm.

 location curug leuwi hejo
Route And location curug leuwi hejo
Curug Leuwi Hejo which is also known as curug crooked this is a mini waterfall and under it there is a small pond green in the blue. Leuwi in Sundanese means pond while hejo means green. While the name of the river itself is a river cileungsi. The water is clear and refreshing, making many tourists can not bear to immediately plunge into the pool. Around the location curug leuwi hejo is also there are other waterfall that is curug leuwi lieuk and curug leuwi bagong.

To get to curug leuwi hejo is not easy. After the parking lot, the tourists have to walk for about an hour. During the journey, the view of the rock and unique shaped into the main treat. Spot is often used by tourists to berswafoto or berselfie. Then you also have to pass the bamboo bridge to cross the river. For you who like adventure, really fit this place.

Address Curug Leuwi Hejo Sentul Bogor
Location waterfall leuwi hejo is located in the village wangan cileungsi, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Sentul, Bogor. If you are from Jakarta, it takes about 3 hours drive.

Road to Curug Leuwi Hejo Bogor
If you are from Jakarta, just go to Jagorawi Toll and exit at Sentul City Toll and turn left at Sentul City. After passing the Giant there is a descending path to rainbow hills golf and polsek babakan madang, follow the path. Straight up to meet T-junction (left to market and right to mount transmit), take to the right. Straight again until the middle cross-mountain coral crossing, turn left. Just follow the road until the location curug leuwi hejo

Ticket Price Curug Leuwi Hejo
There are two mask tickets that you have to pay. First entrance ticket of motorcycles that is Rp 8 thousand / vehicle. Then after that you have to pay entrance ticket leuwi hejo that is Rp 15 thousand / person. How gaess are interested to come here over the weekend?

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